Monday, October 27, 2014

It's getting SPOOKY this week!

BIG- Double Danger IPA coming out Wednesday
BOLD- Saison du Pine Crick coming out next week.
BITTER- Goat Effer English Pale Ale it's here, get some!
SESSION- Deadrock Porter, so malty and roasty and it's only 5.1% ABV. Goodness it's delicious.

Monday - Growler night- Get $1 off growlers fills and a free pint while you wait. Can't go wrong. Also, bring an instrument and join the bluegrass jam.

Tuesday- Livingston Education Foundation is the Non-profit of the week for our Non-Profit night. $1 off each pint goes to the charity of the week.

Wednesday- Bobb Clanton Live Music starts at 5:30 pm. No cover.

Thursday- Pint night. Get a pint of beer and a slick Katabatic pint glass for $6. Look Rugged, yet Refined with your own.

Friday- Costume Party. Come look ghoulish or spooktacularly beautiful in your best effort costume. Come have a ball with us monsters down at the brewery. Please only fake blood!
New Windy Season Hours Starting November 17
2pm-8pm, until about Aprilish or when the windy season slows down.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Notice anything different about this picture? How about the big ol' roundy sign-looking thing in the photo? Well, that's new!

 Then there is also the new Deadrock Porter on tap. Scotch will be back Thurs.  We still have plenty of the Goat Effer English Pale. Named after the English Goat herders on the highlands.

If you're a mug club member, come have a brew and check out your mug. They're in. For those of you who don't own a mug,  come watch how they are used. $1 dollar off of every pint for life!  How 'bout a Goldenstein- 3 complimentary pints a month for life, plus $1 dollar off every pint for life.