Monday, July 27, 2015

Beer Garden and Home Brew Competition at the Park County Fair Sat. Aug.1 11-4

Getting paid to drink beer at work!
Come on down to the Park County Fair Saturday August 1st from 11am - 4pm! We're going to have a bunch of adult fun. Live Music from Danny B, also the Brown Bottle Two, food sponsored by the FFA, and tasty adult beverages from Katabatic and Neptune's.

We will be pouring fresh craft beer from both of Livingston's breweries while the Tri-county Homebrew Competition is underway. Professionally certified judges and brewers will be judging home-brew, while local live music is underway and some fresh burgers and brats off of the grill from the FFA. It promises to be the most fun you can fit into 5 hours in a long time.

Other stuff this week:
Monday: Growler Monday -$1 off of your growler fill and you get a free pint while you wait. Plus, live Bluegrass Jam, bring your instrument and jam it up!
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - Stafford Animal Shelter. Drinking beer never felt so good! $1 from every pint goes to puppies! And kitties!
Wednesday: Live music - Carter Freeman plays up hoppy happy americana acoustic music.
Thursday: Grr-raffle -  Grizzly beer raffle! Ha, just seeing if you were paying attention. You win a glass growler and a fill by turning in your 2nd and 3rd drink tickets with your name on the back. Raffle + Growler = Grr-raffle
You never know where we will be lurking!
Saturday: Beer Garden and Homebrew competition at the Fairgrounds 11-4 + Live Music - 5:30 at Katabatic - Laney Lou and the Birddogs! This band is a must see! They performed at Red Ants Pants Festival. And they'll kick your little fiddlin' butt!
Sunday: Bike to the brewery - and get a $1 your first tasty beer. Nice job friend.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Giving a Hoot!

Hey, stop hooting!
Hey Beer-Comrads! Summer is starting to heat up, but the beer will stay cold so don't you worry.

That being said, there is a "Hoot owl" in effect on some of the area rivers. The Shields, Lower Madison and Gallatin all have fishing closures from 2pm until midnight due to high water temperatures and how that effects fish that get caught. So if you want to go fishing, get up early and save the afternoons for drinking beer.

In other news, come check us out in Gardiner at the K-Bar. We started serving our APA down there last week. If yore in Bozemangeles come have a pint starting this Thursday at MT Aleworks. We will have our beers on a rotator handle at Aleworks. This week they will be featuring our IPA! Hey Bozemanites, now you only have to go downtown to get the best beer in the valley.

Big Sky Brewfest - Saturday July 11th
This Week:
Monday: Growler Monday - Get a free pint while you wait for your growler fill, and get $1 off a growler fill too!
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - $1 off every pint from 4-8pm goes to Leadership - 49, a leadership development program for Park County citizens focused on developing skills and increasing knowledge about challenges and opportunities throughout the county.
Wednesday: Live Music - Talented Missoula musician, acustic guitar, originals and some covers.
Thursday: Raffle Thursday - Turn in your 2nd, or 3rd beer tickets with your name and number to see if you get drawn for 2 Red Ants Pants Music Fest Tickets!
Saturday: Live Music - Tammy Hauer - Tammy is a Bozeman guitarist who plays a great set.
Sunday: Bike to the Brewery - and get $1 off your first pint.
Very young beer.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Freedom! and Lawn Mower test

K-Crew with our '57 T-bird parade car.
If there is one thing this town knows how to do, it is celebrate freedom. Thanks England, for our Independence, and for your beer influence. I'm sure there is a litany of other things we can thank you for, but right now that's what we're focusing on. Cheers Mate!

Dude! If you didn't set up the day before, you ain't got a good spot.
Another cool thing about freedom is being able to do what you want (as long as it doesn't hurt others, break moral codes, blah blah blah) and so with our rotators we do just that. We exercise our freedom to do what we want. We listen to you of course too. But in the end, we do what we want, and we feel good about that because we think that is also what you want. We've been figuring out your tastebuds for almost 10 months now, and produced a ton of rotators. All, for the reason of figuring out what you like, but taking artistic freedom on how to do that.

So get ready folks for the next rotator in our Bad Ass BiG - BOLd - BITTeR line up: the quintessential light, crisp, easy-drinking English Summer Ale.

With that, I challenge you to the lawn mower test:

1) Bring home a growler of Katabatic English Summer Ale.
2) Put a canned version of lawn mower beer in your cooler or fridge too.
3) Mow your yard.
4) Tell your significant other to pour one of each and not tell you.
5) Let your tastebuds do the walking. Which one is better after mowing the yard?
I challenge you to the lawn mower taste test. Give it a shot. What's there to loose?

This Week!
All these kids want beer tokens too, but we just gave them to their parents.
Monday - Growler Monday - $1 off growlers and a free pint while you wait.
Tuesday - Beer For A Cause - Rotary Club. $1 off every pint goes to the Rotarians.
Wednesday - Live Music -Yogesh and Mason. Frontmen from Holler n' Pine. These boys can play good old time fun music.
Thursday - Raffle - Fill out your name and phone on the back of your 2nd and 3rd beer tickets, and turn them into the beer slinger to win tickets to the Red Ants Pants Festival with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Ryan Bingham, and all the coolest country and good-timey music this side of the Pecos!
Friday - Nuthin - Just come in and relax. You've had a hard week. Be yourself, come chill with us.
Saturday - Live Music - Kalyn Beasley. Straight outta Wyoming, this young gentlemen can sing some pretty little ditties. See for yourself.
Sunday - Get off yer arse - if you want a dollar off a beer that is. Ride your bike down to the brewery, brag about it to the beer slinger and you get $1 off your first pint. Way to go smartypants, you just saved yourself a buck.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Independence from the British Day and Park County Fair Homebrew Competition and Beer Garden

We'd like to invite y'all down to the Park County Fairgrounds August 1st from 11- 4. We're going to celebrate with the 1st Annual Tri-county Homebrew Competition and Local Craft Beer Garden. Katabatic and Neptune's will be pouring beer, Future Farmers of America (FFA) alumni will be serving up eats and canned beers, and we're hoping to have some music too.

 Precisely at 11:00 am the judges will commence drinking and the Beer Garden will start serving beer. After a couple of hours the judges will announce the winners in each Category. There will be announcements from our sponsors and you will be able to go view the 4-H Round Robin. (That's where you get to see all the Purple, Pink, Blue, Red, White and Fair Grand Champion Ribbon winners.)

Homebrewers can register there beers for 2 weeks in advance at two locations or online 

So come down Aug 1st check out some 4-H stuff and drink some beer. You might have fun while your at it.
This week:
Monday: Growler Monday - Get a free pint and $1 off when you fill a growler.
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - Livingston Mental Health Center Drink a beer and $1 from each pint goes here. 
Wednesday: Farmer's Market 4-7:30 Miles Park. Come drink a beer in the park.
Thursday: Food - Faye's, also Live Music - 4ish (after parade) - 7:30 Milton Manasco and the Big Fiasco

Friday: Food - Faye's, also we'll be at Moods of the Madison - Spirit and Brewfest in Ennis! Come check us out in Ennis!
Saturday: Live Music - 5:30-7:30, Food - Faye's Cafe 
Sunday: Bike to the brewery and get $1 off your first pint. Heck, use our new bike racks.

Btw, Happy Independence from the British Day. July 2-4th we will have Faye's Cafe in the House serving up yummy tacos. Come check us out in the parade! We'll be giving out wooden nickels, so if you see us, give us a shout! You'll be happy you did.