Monday, August 17, 2015

Galaxy S.M.A.S.H. and other news!

Galaxy SMASH getting filtered
Hey Y'all, hope you're having a good summer, because you better get it while it's still here. You lovely beer drinkers blew through the Summer Ale and Honey Blonde like it was oxygen! Nice work. For rotators on we have Beetlekill American Brown, Goat Effer English Pale, and now...............GALAXY S.MA.S.H. IPA!!!

What the hell is S.M.A.S.H. you say? Single Malt And Single Hop you silly! That means we take ONE malt (a delicious Northwest Pale Malt) and mix it with water, then add ONE hop (Galaxy oh how we love thee so) in 4 hop additions, double dry hop it with Galaxy and what you get is the essence of the hop. All hop bitterness, flavor, aroma and turbines are from Galaxy, and amazing tropical fruit, star fruit, papaya, melon, pina colada (minus the coconut), and citrus flavors are all from ONE glorious hop. Straight outta South Australia, the lovely, the one and only---- Galaxy!

We are taking on the prairie West of us like a covered wagon train! (metaphorically speaking of coarse) Here's a list of where you can find our beer:

Guess which account?
Rib and Chop -                               Hefeweizen
Livingston Bar and Grill -              APA
The Sport -                                     Hefewizen
Chico Hot Springs -                       APA & Rt. Beer
The Mint -                                      Rotator

K-Bar -                                           APA

Big Timber:
Timber Bar -                                   Rotator (Scotch currently)

Red Tractor Pizza -                         APA
The Blackbird Kitchen -                 Hefeweizen

The Dram Shop -                           Rotator (APA currently)
The Rhino -                                    Rotator (Scotch currently)

Don't forget to come to Bark in the Park on Sunday down at Miles Park. 5k run, "Pupularity" contest, photos with your cat, and best of all, Katabatic Beer! Proceeds go to Stafford animal shelter.

Monday - Growler Monday - Come fill a growler, and get $1 off and a free pint while you wait!
Tuesday - Beer for a Cause - MT Land Reliance and Brews for Bouldering - A special night where $1 off of every pint goes to these two wonderful organizations.
Wednesday - Live Music - John Cheryl - Local Boze-MAN sings his own tunes and some covers.
Thursday -Grr-raffle - Raffle for a Growler. Turn in your 2nd and 3rd beer tickets with your name and phone to win a growler and a fill.
Saturday - Live Music - Shelley Besler and Tony - Local awesomeness rolled up in a live burrito!
Sunday - Bike to the Damn brewery. Come on people, get on your damn bike for a $1 off your first beer YO!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Tri-County Homebrew Competion Category Winners

Tri-County Homebrew Competion Category Winners for August 1, 2015

Category 1 – Pale/ IPA                        Style
1)Nick Matulich                                    English Bitter
2)Rick Smaniotta                                   IPA
3)Kyle Simms                                        IPA

Categories 2/4 – Dark Colored Ales/ Specialty
1)Julian Thorne                                    Whiskey Barrel Stout
2)Julian Thorne -tie                              Brown Ale
2)Brian Effler -tie                                 Irish Stout

Categories 3/5 – Light Colored Ales/ Lagers
1)Nick Matulich                                    Dopplebock                                                                       
2)Nick Matulich                                    German Pils           
3)Chad Wisty                                        Hefewiezen

Fair Grand Champion –                      (Best of Show)

Nick Matulich                                        English Bitter

All Scoresheets and Prizes can be picked up at Katabatic Brewing after 12 pm noon Tues. Aug 4th.
117 W. Park St.
Livingston, MT

Winners will be notified on Tuesday.