Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our progress

We've shared a bit about our progress so far. Many of you have seen the virtual renderings of the space and we've had a lot of questions about when we'll open. We're just as excited as you are and we can't wait to serve you our beer. However, we are just starting the reconstruction phase.

By Sugato Studio
It's been humorous and interesting. We are staying positive, and as a husband and wife team that's super important!

Here we are standing in the space. Our friend Kim Wishcamper with Sugato Studio shot all these photos. She's an amazing photographer and is helping us memorialize our progress with photos at different stages of the build out.

You can see that behind us we have a temporary support wall holding up the second floor. This is temporary until the columns get put in place that will permanently hold up the second floor. Having a solid structure helps :)

Also behind us you see the joists with no flooring. Our bathrooms will sit on the left and our cooler on the right. This floor is being structurally upgraded to support all this new weight. I often wonder how the Long Branch Saloon, which was housed here way before, safely held all those people on busy Friday and Saturday nights!

By Sugato Studio
We've essentially gutted the building. Thankfully we have supportive landlords that are involved in the process. On the right you'll see that we took out the drop ceiling, which ended up being 5-7 layers thick. It seems the longer it goes the number of layers goes up! Kind of like a fishing story.

The new ceiling height is awesome and those carpets are going away too!

By Sugato Studio

As we wait for the building, that is now deconstructed, to become reconstructed we'll continue to brew batches at home. Grinding the grain is therapeutic and meditative. Smelling the brewing process reminds us there is a silver lining out there soon.

We're still months out, we hope to be open in July. Keep checking back here for more pictures and more updates. Thanks for you interest!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Virtual Brewery for Katabatic!

Sample room facing Park St.
 We are so excited! We just got the plans from our architect and these wonderful mock-ups that were rendered in Sketchup. A big thanks to Jenn and her team at Encompass V2, and BCE Consulting for their work on the design and fixing some of the architectural wonders of the building.
Sample room facing production area, serving area.

Where the Green and Red walls meet will be a stage area for live music.
A big shout out to Travina Lufholm at Encompass V2 for her amazing 3-D rendering of our brewery and it's sample room.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

More construction photos!

Here is a photo of taking everything back to the basics. We have stripped 100 years of quasi-building down to an 1890's superstructure. Uprgrades include leaving a toilet, no floor and a wall 3 stories high that was taken out because it was structurally unsound.

The 2x6's are a temporary wall that will be replaced by a super cool 2014 model wall that will allow us to have a wide enough door to add new equipment and keep the roof from collapsing. A win/ win!

We will be replacing the floor, adjusting the height of the stringers, and in the back area that used to be the kitchen we will be replacing the tile floor with a new concrete floor.

Note to the left where the green wall meets the white wall there is a strip of brick brown. This is where the 3-story high brick wall that was not structurally sound was taken out. After we tore off all the layers, a terribly crumbling wall was left. So we took it out.

Back in the green wall area is where the brewing production area will be, and where you see the plywood and open stringers is where a walk-in cooler will be housed.

This photo is from Thurs February 27, two days ago. It was 43 degrees F at 5 PM, as I write this, it is currently -9 degrees F and snowing. Additionally there is about 1 foot of snow on the ground, blown into large drifts in some places.