Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Coffee Porter - It might give you the jittery jingles

We want to wish you a Hoppy Holidaze with our "Winter Ale" offering called Dead Rock Coffee Porter. It is a delicious medley of toasty malts and coffee bitterness, melded with dark malt mellow sweetness, that finishes dry. It clocks in at 6.5% ABV and 34 IBUs.

On tap at The Mint Bar and Cafe in Belgrade
Happenings this week:
Monday: Growler Monday - Get $1 off a growler fill, and a free pint while you wait. Bluegrass Jam starts promptly every week at 6 give or take a few.
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - None this week
Wednesday: Live Music - Scott Evje - Local guitar picker.
Thursday: Gr-raffle - Enter your name to win a growler and fill. Closing Early @ 5pm Happy Holidays everyone!
Saturday: Live Music - John Dendy -

Guess what he's filling the barrels with!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Amberdextrous - Our latest rotator and Lebowski-Fest

We have a new beer out this week. It's called Amberdextrous. A crisp, amber-hued vision of deliciousness, with just a bit of piney hops to round it out. It clocks in at 6% ABV, 40 IBUs. If you're a malty-type person, give it a shot, and if you're a hoppy-type person, well, give it a shot too. It's well balanced and shockingly good.

Alongside with the Shane Lalani Center we will be hosting Lebowski-fest Dec. 5 at 6 pm. Costume contest including, best dude, people's choice and best-in-show goes from 6-8 at Katabatic Brewing Co. then we will trapse over to the Shane Lalani Center and watch the movie with Katabatic beer! 

Happenings this week:
Monday: Cy-beer Monday - Get $1 off a growler fill, and a free pint while you wait. Bluegrass Jam starts promptly at 6 every week.
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - Gallatin NF Avalanche Center
Wednesday: Live Music - Tarek Isham from The Cottonwood line band
Thursday: Gr-raffle - Enter your name to win a growler. Get it? Growler-raffle?
Saturday: Lebowski-Fest - You're a Lebowski, I'm a Lebowski, let's celebrate! $5 will get you a ticket. Costume contest at the brewery, movie showing at the Shane Center.
Sunday: Bike to the Brewery - Ride your two-wheeled steed down for $1 off your first beer.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from the Katabatic Family

Aleworks just before pint night craziness
 News: We just had a "pint night" at Aleworks in Bozeman. They featured our IPA and it went great, we had a lot of happy new faces who loved it. So, next time you are in at Aleworks, ask them if they have Katabatic beer. It might happen sooner than you think.

We are going to be featured as "Beer of the Month" at Rockin-R Bar in Bozeman. For the whole month of December a Katabatic APA pint is $3!

We also want you to support the local businesses of Livingston. Bring in a receipt on Shop Local Saturday of a purchase at a local business and get $1 off your first pint.

Now on the Katabatic Map -
New additions-
Sacajawea Hotel - Hefeweizen - Three Forks
On tap at Pompey's Grill and the Sac Bar in Belgrade
The Mint Bar and Cafe - APA - Belgrade
Buck's T-4 - APA - Big Sky
Scissorbills - Hefeweizen - Big Sky

Sometimes, and right nowish
The Timber Bar -Hefeweizen - Big Timber
Blackbird Kitchen - Hoppin' the Rails IPA - Bozeman
The Dram Shop - Hoppin' the Rails IPA - Missoula
The Rhino - Scotch Ale - Missoula
The Steinhaus - New 'Merica and Scotch Ale - Great Falls

Always on tap-
Rib and Chop - Hefeweizen - Livingston
Chico Hot Springs - APA - Emigrant
The Sport - Hefeweizen - Livingston
The Office - Hefeweizen -Livingston
Zacc's MT BBQ - Hefe, APA, IPA - Livingston
The K-Bar - APA - Gardiner
Rocking-R Bar - APA - Bozeman
On tap at The Steinhaus in Great Falls
Cat's Paw - APA - Bozeman
Red Tractor Pizza - APA or rotator - Bozeman
Red Chair Cafe - APA - Bozeman

Happenings this week:
Monday: Growler Monday - Get $1 off a growler fill, and a free pint while you wait. Bluegrass Jam starts promptly every week
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - Livingston Food Pantry - $1 from every pint goes to this awesome organization!
Wednesday: Live Music - JBird - Always a fun time with JBird playing tunes!
Thursday: Gr-raffle - Enter your name to win a growler. Get it? Growler-raffle?
Saturday: Shop local Saturday - bring in a reciept from any Livingston business and get $1 off your first beer.  
Also Saturday - Live Music - Danny Bee - Local musical troubadour who gets it done!
Sunday: Bike to the Brewery - Ride your two-wheeled steed down for $1 off your first beer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Getting settled in for Winter

Meet our newest rotator: Mosaic Pale. This tasty little number clocks in at 5.1% ABV and just 40 IBU's. It is made with only one malt, and two hops. The hops however, are GALAXY and MOSAIC!

Do you know what that means? Face-melting pineapple aromas, followed by teeth-shattering GRAPEFRUITINESS! It tastes like a Dole Ruby Red Grapefruit juice was put in there, but it's just hops that makes you need to make a dentist appointment!

Happenings this week:
Finally have a full board again!
Monday: Growler Monday - Get $1 off a growler fill, and a free pint while you wait. Bluegrass Jam starts promptly every week
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - Operation "Warm Coat" get's $1 from every pint from 4-8. Plus you can buy a brand new coat for a kid who needs one, and they will get their very own new winter coat.
Wednesday: Live Music - Aaron Williams check him out here.
Thursday: Gr-raffle - Enter your name to win a growler. Get it? Growler-raffle?

Saturday: Sorry no - Live Music - today.

Sunday: Bike to the Brewery - Ride your two-wheeled steed down for $1 off your first beer.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Halloweener

As an adult I've always wanted to be justified in saying that. I don't know if I am, but you're all supposed to be 21 or older reading this. If you're all over 21, and you know that at Katabatic, the beer is the only thing that we take seriously, including ourselves. Then, I can feel pretty ok about saying Halloweener and hopefully I haven't upset anyone. If you are upset, email me or stop in the brewery, and let me know. I have my apology already prepared.

Great soaking weather. Btw, they have our APA and Root beer on tap!
Happenings this week:
Monday: Growler Monday - Get $1 off a growler fill, and a free pint while you wait. Bluegrass Jam starts promptly every week at 6 pm.
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - Community Closet - They're bringing costumes! Drink beer and shop for Halloween, just by coming to the brewery! Now that's one-stop-shopping.
Wednesday: Live Music - Ian Thomas - from the Bus Driver Tour, acoustic folk-roots
Thursday: Gr-raffle - Enter your name to win a growler. Get it? Growler-raffle?
Saturday: Live Music - Ford Boozer - All trick-or-treaters get a free root beer float courtesy of Wilcoxson's and yours truly! 

Sunday: Bike to the Brewery - Ride your two-wheeled steed down for $1 off your first beer.

Come down on Halloween and check us out. All trick-or-treating kids will get a free root beer float featuring Wilcoxson's Ice Cream and Katabatic Root Beer. What a combination!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This is your Weekly - What's up!?

What's up? What's happening? Whassup? Wasabi? 
What's Katabaticing? Meh, maybe not. 
How's your wind blowing? I like that. 

So hey, how's your wind blowin'?

Happenings this week:
Monday: Growler Monday - Get $1 off a growler fill, and a free pint while you wait.
Tuesday: Beer for a cause - Big Brothers and Sisters of Park County and Sweetgrass counties
Wednesday: Live Music - You Knew Me When - Indie Folk rock duo from Nashville, TN
Thursday: Gr-raffle - Enter your name to win a growler. Get it? Growler-raffle?
Saturday: Live Music - Aron Buzzas - Missoula singer/songwriter plays acoustic folky-tonk
Sunday: Bike to the Brewery - Ride your two-wheeled steed down for $1 off your first beer.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Two New Beers on tap! New 'Merica Pale and Hoppin' the Rails IPA!

We say "half full", would you like another?
Big news as we've been belting out some new brews. Our New 'Merica is a new American twist on an old English Pale ale style. Malty and bold with all American malts, and Hops, we of course ferment it with, you guessed it American yeast. It's aromatic citrusy, malty and hoppy. A great balanced beer.

Second on the list is the Hoppin' the Rails Double Dry Hopped IPA. It's low in ABV at 5.8%, dry, crisp, refreshing, and best of all hoppy. We threw a copious amount of Cascade, Chinook, and Columbus into the fermenter twice! The result is a delicious and easily quaffable IPA with a strong NW hop aroma.

Happenings this week:
Monday: Growler Monday - Get $1 off a growler fill, and a free pint while you wait.
Tuesday: Beer for a cause - Livingston Education Foundation
Wednesday: Live Music - Larry Hirshberg - Missoulian musician covers The Dead and more
Thursday: Gr-raffle - Enter your name to win a growler. Get it? Growler-raffle?
Saturday: Live Music - Leif Christian - Fellow Missoulian who started Zoofest rocks out on his acoustic axe
Sunday: Bike to the Brewery - Ride your two-wheeled steed down for $1 off your first beer.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Icefall Stout is what Fall is about.

Hey y'all y'all, watch out for the Icefall! We just tapped the Icefall Stout. This Oatmeal Stout is the real deal. Stouty, roasty, hoppy, dark delicious goodness is flowing from the tap.

We've also got the Oktoberfest Lager rocking. Yup, our first lager is deliciously smooth and malty, with just a little toasty bready yumminess. Come try the Katabatic Lager Experience.

Last, but not least, we have Anniversary Imperial Red cans in the taproom. The Imperial Red is 7.4% ABV and 55 IBU's. Have one in the taproom, or take one home, or a 4-pack. This is a special release anniversary beer, so we only have 2800 cans. You only get to be ONE once! This beer is able to be aged up to a year.

We also have a Mug Club exchange program! Now through October you can trade your Mug club in for $250 towards a Goldenstein, and you get $100 off the price of the stein. That means you pay just $650 for a Goldenstein lifetime membership. Which entitles you to 3 free pints a month, $1 off every pint for life, 15% off of swag, and free invitations to special beer tappings and events.


Happenings this week:

Monday: Growler Monday - Get $1 off a growler fill, and a free pint while you wait.
Tuesday: Beer for a cause - $1 from every pint goes to support Gallatin Valley Roller Girlz
Wednesday: Live Music - Julie Szewc - Live acoustic guitar from Sheridan, Wyoming.
Thursday: Gr-raffle - Enter your name to win a growler. Get it? Growler-raffle?
Saturday: Live Music - Dave Landsverk - Plays classics from the 60's, 70's and 80's.
Sunday: Bike to the Brewery - Ride your two-wheeled steed down for $1 off your first beer.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to us! And a some other news that sucks.

Hey All! We're gonna be one year old! Can I hear a whoop whoop? We are getting down to the last of the tickets to our anniversary party, so if you haven't gotten your tickets yet, I would recommend on getting them. It's bound to sell out with only 200 tickets.

$20 dollars will get you get you into the extravaganza, fed on BBQ from Joe's East West Catering, and 2 free beers.

We will be raffling off a Goldenstein! $5 per ticket or 5 for $20 will get you a chance at getting 3 free beers a month, and $1 off a pint for life. You don't have to be present to win, but you have to buy a ticket if you want free beer. "It's like lotto, ya gotta be in it to win it!"

We will be serving free samples and selling cans of our anniversary beer we are releasing in cans. It's an Imperial Red that is 7.4 % ABV, 55 IBU's and is super tasty. This beer is a Special Release and we will only be selling it at the party to start. If there is any left we will be selling them at the brewery and at a few select beer sellers afterwards. Another reason to attend.

There will be games for adults too, but remember it's 21+ years old, and no dogs please.

Other sad news... Growler sales are suspended until Friday Sept 18th. So sorry, August was a very thirsty month.

This Week:
Monday: Pint Special (sorry no Growler Monday this week), $1 off 1st pint
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause -MEIC - working to Save the Smith River
Wednesday: Live Music - Tammy Hauer, a local Bozeman singer. She has a great voice, come check it out.
Thursday: Grr-raffle- Turn in your 2nd and 3rd drink tickets with your name on them to win a growler and a fill. Raffle and Growler + Grr-raffle, duh.
Saturday: Live Music - Shelley and Tony, local Livingston awesomeness! Ear candy for your sweet little ears.
Sunday: Bike to the Brewery Sunday - Do that and you get                     $1 off your 1st beer.

Friday, September 4, 2015

We're gonna be 1 friggin' year old!

OMG! Can you believe it has been almost a whole year of Katabatic bubbly deliciousness?

We're turning 1 Years Old and we want to celebrate with you! So we're throwing a Big-Ass Shindig.


SAT - SEPTEMBER 19th  7-11pm

THE BEANERY in Downtown Livingston



TIX - $20 includes BBQ dinner and 2 free beers

Canniviesary - Special Release of our Anniversary Imperial Red Ale in cans. Limited release of  only 2800 cans of this delicious nectar. Cans will be available for purchase during the party, but once they're gone, they're gone.

Raffle to win a Goldenstein which includes 3 free beers a month for life!

Limited to 200 tickets and we've sold 70 already. So get 'em before you don't.

Stuff this weekend and next week:

Saturday: Live Music by Paul Lee Kupfer
Sunday: Bike to the Brewery and get a buck off your first beer.
Monday: Growler Monday - Get a free pint while you wait to get your growler filled and $1 off your growler fill too!
Tuesday:  Beer for a Cause - Interchange,  $1 from every beer goes to support this non-profit.
Wednesday: Live Music
Thursday: G-rraffle - turn in your 2nd and 3rd drink tickets with name and phone to win a growler and fill. Also why not buy a Goldenstein raffle ticket while your at it.
Saturday: Live Music - Local awesome musician Bob Clanton rocks out with some roots.         Sunday: Bike to the damn brewery!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Galaxy S.M.A.S.H. and other news!

Galaxy SMASH getting filtered
Hey Y'all, hope you're having a good summer, because you better get it while it's still here. You lovely beer drinkers blew through the Summer Ale and Honey Blonde like it was oxygen! Nice work. For rotators on we have Beetlekill American Brown, Goat Effer English Pale, and now...............GALAXY S.MA.S.H. IPA!!!

What the hell is S.M.A.S.H. you say? Single Malt And Single Hop you silly! That means we take ONE malt (a delicious Northwest Pale Malt) and mix it with water, then add ONE hop (Galaxy oh how we love thee so) in 4 hop additions, double dry hop it with Galaxy and what you get is the essence of the hop. All hop bitterness, flavor, aroma and turbines are from Galaxy, and amazing tropical fruit, star fruit, papaya, melon, pina colada (minus the coconut), and citrus flavors are all from ONE glorious hop. Straight outta South Australia, the lovely, the one and only---- Galaxy!

We are taking on the prairie West of us like a covered wagon train! (metaphorically speaking of coarse) Here's a list of where you can find our beer:

Guess which account?
Rib and Chop -                               Hefeweizen
Livingston Bar and Grill -              APA
The Sport -                                     Hefewizen
Chico Hot Springs -                       APA & Rt. Beer
The Mint -                                      Rotator

K-Bar -                                           APA

Big Timber:
Timber Bar -                                   Rotator (Scotch currently)

Red Tractor Pizza -                         APA
The Blackbird Kitchen -                 Hefeweizen

The Dram Shop -                           Rotator (APA currently)
The Rhino -                                    Rotator (Scotch currently)

Don't forget to come to Bark in the Park on Sunday down at Miles Park. 5k run, "Pupularity" contest, photos with your cat, and best of all, Katabatic Beer! Proceeds go to Stafford animal shelter.

Monday - Growler Monday - Come fill a growler, and get $1 off and a free pint while you wait!
Tuesday - Beer for a Cause - MT Land Reliance and Brews for Bouldering - A special night where $1 off of every pint goes to these two wonderful organizations.
Wednesday - Live Music - John Cheryl - Local Boze-MAN sings his own tunes and some covers.
Thursday -Grr-raffle - Raffle for a Growler. Turn in your 2nd and 3rd beer tickets with your name and phone to win a growler and a fill.
Saturday - Live Music - Shelley Besler and Tony - Local awesomeness rolled up in a live burrito!
Sunday - Bike to the Damn brewery. Come on people, get on your damn bike for a $1 off your first beer YO!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Tri-County Homebrew Competion Category Winners

Tri-County Homebrew Competion Category Winners for August 1, 2015

Category 1 – Pale/ IPA                        Style
1)Nick Matulich                                    English Bitter
2)Rick Smaniotta                                   IPA
3)Kyle Simms                                        IPA

Categories 2/4 – Dark Colored Ales/ Specialty
1)Julian Thorne                                    Whiskey Barrel Stout
2)Julian Thorne -tie                              Brown Ale
2)Brian Effler -tie                                 Irish Stout

Categories 3/5 – Light Colored Ales/ Lagers
1)Nick Matulich                                    Dopplebock                                                                       
2)Nick Matulich                                    German Pils           
3)Chad Wisty                                        Hefewiezen

Fair Grand Champion –                      (Best of Show)

Nick Matulich                                        English Bitter

All Scoresheets and Prizes can be picked up at Katabatic Brewing after 12 pm noon Tues. Aug 4th.
117 W. Park St.
Livingston, MT

Winners will be notified on Tuesday.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Beer Garden and Home Brew Competition at the Park County Fair Sat. Aug.1 11-4

Getting paid to drink beer at work!
Come on down to the Park County Fair Saturday August 1st from 11am - 4pm! We're going to have a bunch of adult fun. Live Music from Danny B, also the Brown Bottle Two, food sponsored by the FFA, and tasty adult beverages from Katabatic and Neptune's.

We will be pouring fresh craft beer from both of Livingston's breweries while the Tri-county Homebrew Competition is underway. Professionally certified judges and brewers will be judging home-brew, while local live music is underway and some fresh burgers and brats off of the grill from the FFA. It promises to be the most fun you can fit into 5 hours in a long time.

Other stuff this week:
Monday: Growler Monday -$1 off of your growler fill and you get a free pint while you wait. Plus, live Bluegrass Jam, bring your instrument and jam it up!
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - Stafford Animal Shelter. Drinking beer never felt so good! $1 from every pint goes to puppies! And kitties!
Wednesday: Live music - Carter Freeman plays up hoppy happy americana acoustic music.
Thursday: Grr-raffle -  Grizzly beer raffle! Ha, just seeing if you were paying attention. You win a glass growler and a fill by turning in your 2nd and 3rd drink tickets with your name on the back. Raffle + Growler = Grr-raffle
You never know where we will be lurking!
Saturday: Beer Garden and Homebrew competition at the Fairgrounds 11-4 + Live Music - 5:30 at Katabatic - Laney Lou and the Birddogs! This band is a must see! They performed at Red Ants Pants Festival. And they'll kick your little fiddlin' butt!
Sunday: Bike to the brewery - and get a $1 your first tasty beer. Nice job friend.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Giving a Hoot!

Hey, stop hooting!
Hey Beer-Comrads! Summer is starting to heat up, but the beer will stay cold so don't you worry.

That being said, there is a "Hoot owl" in effect on some of the area rivers. The Shields, Lower Madison and Gallatin all have fishing closures from 2pm until midnight due to high water temperatures and how that effects fish that get caught. So if you want to go fishing, get up early and save the afternoons for drinking beer.

In other news, come check us out in Gardiner at the K-Bar. We started serving our APA down there last week. If yore in Bozemangeles come have a pint starting this Thursday at MT Aleworks. We will have our beers on a rotator handle at Aleworks. This week they will be featuring our IPA! Hey Bozemanites, now you only have to go downtown to get the best beer in the valley.

Big Sky Brewfest - Saturday July 11th
This Week:
Monday: Growler Monday - Get a free pint while you wait for your growler fill, and get $1 off a growler fill too!
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - $1 off every pint from 4-8pm goes to Leadership - 49, a leadership development program for Park County citizens focused on developing skills and increasing knowledge about challenges and opportunities throughout the county.
Wednesday: Live Music - Talented Missoula musician, acustic guitar, originals and some covers.
Thursday: Raffle Thursday - Turn in your 2nd, or 3rd beer tickets with your name and number to see if you get drawn for 2 Red Ants Pants Music Fest Tickets!
Saturday: Live Music - Tammy Hauer - Tammy is a Bozeman guitarist who plays a great set.
Sunday: Bike to the Brewery - and get $1 off your first pint.
Very young beer.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Freedom! and Lawn Mower test

K-Crew with our '57 T-bird parade car.
If there is one thing this town knows how to do, it is celebrate freedom. Thanks England, for our Independence, and for your beer influence. I'm sure there is a litany of other things we can thank you for, but right now that's what we're focusing on. Cheers Mate!

Dude! If you didn't set up the day before, you ain't got a good spot.
Another cool thing about freedom is being able to do what you want (as long as it doesn't hurt others, break moral codes, blah blah blah) and so with our rotators we do just that. We exercise our freedom to do what we want. We listen to you of course too. But in the end, we do what we want, and we feel good about that because we think that is also what you want. We've been figuring out your tastebuds for almost 10 months now, and produced a ton of rotators. All, for the reason of figuring out what you like, but taking artistic freedom on how to do that.

So get ready folks for the next rotator in our Bad Ass BiG - BOLd - BITTeR line up: the quintessential light, crisp, easy-drinking English Summer Ale.

With that, I challenge you to the lawn mower test:

1) Bring home a growler of Katabatic English Summer Ale.
2) Put a canned version of lawn mower beer in your cooler or fridge too.
3) Mow your yard.
4) Tell your significant other to pour one of each and not tell you.
5) Let your tastebuds do the walking. Which one is better after mowing the yard?
I challenge you to the lawn mower taste test. Give it a shot. What's there to loose?

This Week!
All these kids want beer tokens too, but we just gave them to their parents.
Monday - Growler Monday - $1 off growlers and a free pint while you wait.
Tuesday - Beer For A Cause - Rotary Club. $1 off every pint goes to the Rotarians.
Wednesday - Live Music -Yogesh and Mason. Frontmen from Holler n' Pine. These boys can play good old time fun music.
Thursday - Raffle - Fill out your name and phone on the back of your 2nd and 3rd beer tickets, and turn them into the beer slinger to win tickets to the Red Ants Pants Festival with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Ryan Bingham, and all the coolest country and good-timey music this side of the Pecos!
Friday - Nuthin - Just come in and relax. You've had a hard week. Be yourself, come chill with us.
Saturday - Live Music - Kalyn Beasley. Straight outta Wyoming, this young gentlemen can sing some pretty little ditties. See for yourself.
Sunday - Get off yer arse - if you want a dollar off a beer that is. Ride your bike down to the brewery, brag about it to the beer slinger and you get $1 off your first pint. Way to go smartypants, you just saved yourself a buck.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Independence from the British Day and Park County Fair Homebrew Competition and Beer Garden

We'd like to invite y'all down to the Park County Fairgrounds August 1st from 11- 4. We're going to celebrate with the 1st Annual Tri-county Homebrew Competition and Local Craft Beer Garden. Katabatic and Neptune's will be pouring beer, Future Farmers of America (FFA) alumni will be serving up eats and canned beers, and we're hoping to have some music too.

 Precisely at 11:00 am the judges will commence drinking and the Beer Garden will start serving beer. After a couple of hours the judges will announce the winners in each Category. There will be announcements from our sponsors and you will be able to go view the 4-H Round Robin. (That's where you get to see all the Purple, Pink, Blue, Red, White and Fair Grand Champion Ribbon winners.)

Homebrewers can register there beers for 2 weeks in advance at two locations or online 

So come down Aug 1st check out some 4-H stuff and drink some beer. You might have fun while your at it.
This week:
Monday: Growler Monday - Get a free pint and $1 off when you fill a growler.
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - Livingston Mental Health Center Drink a beer and $1 from each pint goes here. 
Wednesday: Farmer's Market 4-7:30 Miles Park. Come drink a beer in the park.
Thursday: Food - Faye's, also Live Music - 4ish (after parade) - 7:30 Milton Manasco and the Big Fiasco

Friday: Food - Faye's, also we'll be at Moods of the Madison - Spirit and Brewfest in Ennis! Come check us out in Ennis!
Saturday: Live Music - 5:30-7:30, Food - Faye's Cafe 
Sunday: Bike to the brewery and get $1 off your first pint. Heck, use our new bike racks.

Btw, Happy Independence from the British Day. July 2-4th we will have Faye's Cafe in the House serving up yummy tacos. Come check us out in the parade! We'll be giving out wooden nickels, so if you see us, give us a shout! You'll be happy you did.


Monday, June 22, 2015

English Summer Ale- blowing into town in a few weeks.

Finally, summer is officially here. Here at Katabatic we take summer seriously! (Actually the only thing we take seriously here is beer, but who cares.) So serious in fact, we're making a toe-wiggling, spine-tingling, jump-in-the-lake English Summer Ale. What is a English summer ale? Well, the english mow their lawns too. One could say its a lawnmower-beer made with taste, and English malts and hops, or one could say it is a malty, yet light, easy-drinking refreshing lower alcohol beer with more taste. It is a light-bodied, refreshing, ale that has a slightly hoppy aroma, and nice malt backbone made from light malts.

Next rotator out on the taps is: Goat Effer English Pale. This is the English Summer Ale's bully big brother. Bigger than the summer ale all around, it starts off with a large malt bill, to back up the english hops. The true style of Goat Effer is an English Bitters. That confuses Americans so we just call it an English Pale Ale. Think American Pale Ale, but with English Malts, hops and an estery yeast strain. It's maltier, and not as hoppy as the american version.

This week:
Monday: Growler Monday - Get a free pint and $1 off when you fill a growler.
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - Tri-county Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Drink a beer and $1 from each pint goes here.
Wednesday: Farmer's Market 4-7:30 Miles Park. Come drink a beer in the park.
Thursday: Live Music -Jeremiah and the red eyes
Saturday: Live Music - In walks bud
Sunday: Bike to the brewery and get $1 off your first pint.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Are the Irish really lucky?

New tanks arrived last week
I've always wondered where the saying "luck of the irish" came from. Well, at Katabatic we are now serving our latest Bold rotator offering:
Butte E. Call - Irish Red Ale

Been to Butte? Know anyone from Butte? Ok, nuff said. For those of you that answered NO on the previous multiple choice questions, for the record, there are a lot of Irish folk in Butte. Now the question you might wax over while sipping your new found favorite malty beer Butte E. Call,  is:
Are the Irish lucky? Or are they just good....

They are the big ones in the back!
Happenings this week:

Tuesday: "Beer for a cause" Sister Cities program. Did you know we have a sister city in Japan?
Wednesday: Live Local Music : Someday Miss Pray - Talented Livingston locals
Thursday: Gr-Raffle - Raffle for a Giraffe? Nope! Put your name and number on your last 2 drink tickets, turn them in for the raffle and you could win a growler and a fill. Get it? Growler + Raffle?
Saturday: Live Local Music : Scott Evje - One of the local favorite talents
Sunday: Bike your Damn ass to the brewery day! - Show us you brought your bike and you get a dollar off your first pint.
Ride your bike down to the brewery and you will soon get to park your bike on these Bad Larrys.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Anabatic Amber! It'll blow you away.

Well, it blew some judges away, hows that. We went down to Idaho Falls, ID this weekend to North American Beer Awards (NABA).....
And we won a gold medal for our Anabatic Amber! It was the one of the larger categories this year.

Congrats to Jason our brewer for another great win!

Friday night was the awards ceremony. Saturday was a brewfest with a lot of the medal winning breweries in attendance. Saturday night we ended up at the Republic American grill and restaurant with the brewers and representatives from Bozeman Brewing Company, Carter's Brewing Company, Uberbrew, Canyon Creek Brewery, and us. Brewer's are fun people to hang out with!

Happenings this week:

Monday: Growler Monday!! Free pint while you fill your growler, plus $1 off your growler fill.
Tuesday: "Beer for a Cause." Park County Cubs baseball team.
Wednesday: Live Music- J-bird local singer/song writer
Thursday: Gr-raffle! Raffle for a growler with your 2nd and 3rd drink tickets.
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: Bike to the Brewery Sundays! Bike to the brewery and get $1 off your first pint. Now that's motivation to go pump up the tires in that ol' bicycle.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Danger/Danger! Double IPA, Irresponsibly Hopped

Danger/Danger Double IPA, Irresponsibly Hopped! 

The Double Danger, in all it's glory 
Double Danger is back! Yay!
No growler sales of Double Danger! Boo!
Sorry! We put a veritable sh*$-ton of hops in this tantalizingly refreshing and hoppy tasting Double IPA. It's named for a reason. Like the danger-yellow sign that pictures a guy falling off a cliff? You know the one. Yah, we need a sign like that with a beer mug in the guy's hand as he falls off a cliff. This beer is not to be trifled with. With that said if you drink it in moderation, it is AMAZING!

It's served in a snifter to bring out the stupendously aromatic pine, tropical fruits and citrus notes that come from the crazy amount hops we irresponsibly throw in there. But you know what? We think it's worth it to be irresponsible. Sometimes. Especially with hops. Like the old wise-folks would say: everything in moderation, including moderation, and hops.

BBQ and Beer at the Sport.
Thanks to all that came out for the 1st annual Tap into MT - Livingston brewfest and craft beer week. It was a smashing success! We had great community participation, local businesses really got behind the events all week long, and the brewfest went  off as it capped the week's festivities and this is just the beginning!

P-burg Brewing at the Brewfest

We heard from many people that they think this is Livingston's first brewfest ever! It will be even AWESOMER next year when it's the 2nd annual Tap into MT and Brewfest. Thank you Livingston, we love you a ton! Thanks to the Office for sponsoring and staffing the brewfest, and Vision Livingston for partnering and making this whole event possible.

On this week's police blotter:
Just kidding, we never want to be in the police blotter.

This week at Katabatic:
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - Park Co. Conservation Voters. $1 off every pint goes to them!
Wednesday: Live Music - Jameson and Sordid Seeds. Jameson and the Sordid Seeds is a bumpin’ original reggae rock and blues rock band based out of Northwest Montana. 
Thursday: GR-Raffle - Raffle + Growler Fill + GR-Raffle
Saturday: Live Music - Paul Lee
Sunday: Game Day - We moved the games, ask your server for them. Parents please play these games with kids and family, not use the games as a babysitter for your kids.

Did we mention we saw a camel in the Paradise Valley? Got info? Give it to us dangit!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tap Into Montana

Enter Livingston Buy Local's social media scavenger hunt (on Facebook here.)  

Don't miss out on Livingston Buy Locals's social media scavenger hunt for Tap into MT. Just snap a photo at any of the events that you attend this week and post on Livingston Buy Local's Facebook page with the hashtag #tapintomt. You will get one point for each event you attend (you don't have to be in the photo.) At the end of the week the person with the most points wins some great prizes including a growler & fill from us at Katabatic and a $40 gift card from the Gourmet Cellar. You can see the full list of events plus all of the contest rules and prizes at the link here.

Tap into Montana's Events Schedule


• Beer and BBQ at The Sport. Starts at 5 pm
• Dessert Beers & Chocolates at The Office Lounge. Time: 5:30-7:30 pm


• Taco Tuesday and Beer Pairing at The Mint Bar and Grill. Starts at 4 pm
• Mosaic and Beer at Neptune's Brewery. Cost: $25. Starts at 4 pm
• German Style Beers & Brats at The Office Lounge. Time: 5:30-7:30 pm


• Beer and Cheese Pairing from The Gourmet Cellar at Katabatic Brewing Company
Sample a range of beer washed cheese varieties paired with beer. Cost: $15/person. Starts at 5:30 pm
• Hoppy Humpday - IPA's for Tasting at The Office Lounge. Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
• Art on Tap at Wheatgrass Saloon
Art lesson with Betsy Hall and Edd Enders. This is for ALL LEVELS. Guides are available for beginners and anyone who needs help. Everyone will make their own finished piece on an 8" x 10" canvas. Cost includes lessons, materials, two pints of craft beer and light snacks.
Cost: $35. Time: 6 - 8 pm


• In-house Mobile Canning Demonstration from Montana Canning Co. at Katabatic Brewing Co.. Starts at 5 pm
• Screening of Homebrewd at Katabatic Brewing Co. - Watch a free screening of Homebrewd, a film about beer. Time: 5:30-6:30 pm
• Draught Works Brewery "Tap Take Over"  at The Office Lounge. Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
• Beer Trivia at The Mint Bar and Grill. Starts at 7 pm


• Strange Brews Dinner at Pinky's Cafe. Time TBD
• Brews and Burgers at The Office Lounge. Time: 5:30-7:30 pm 


Yoga at Katabatic Brewing Company Cost: Free
Starts at 10:00 am

Get Ready for BrewFest: Bloody Mary Specials at The Office Lounge Saturday Morning

Coffee Porter, Big Sky Camp Robber at The Office Lounge Sunday Morning After the Brew Fest Special

Tap Into Montana Brewfest at Miles ParkFeaturing 12 Montana Breweries, Local Food, and Live Music
1pm VIP Ticket Holders
2pm-7pm Regular ticket holders and general public

Other Events at the Brewfest Art from Art on Tap will be auctioned during the Brew Fest
Fly Tying Competition
Home Brew Demonstration
Montana Canning Company Canning Demonstration

MONDAY: Growler Monday - Get $1 off a growler fill, and a free pint while you wait.

TUESDAY: "Beer for a cause"- The Grizzly Encounter, "Beer for Bears" , $1 from every pint between 4pm - 8pm goes to help the sanctuary and the 5 rescue bears. Presentation & Meet and greet with Casey AndersonLive music by Paul Lee Kupfer!

WEDNESDAY: Live Music - Mathias - Check him out here.

THURSDAY: GRR-Raffle - Grrrowler and Rrraffle + Grrraffle. Get it. Put name and phone on last 2 drink tickets and you might just get one.

FRIDAY: Live Music - Kalyn Beasley -Straight outta Wyoming with a hat, a horse and a guitar. I don't know if he's bringing' his horse though.

SATURDAY: No live music this Saturday, sorry, good music Friday though.

SUNDAY: Family Fun day with board games. We have Chess, Checkers, Cribbage, Battleship, Chutes and Ladders, Rummikub, cards, Bananagrams, Jenga, Sorry, and I'm sure we're forgetting a few.