Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Danger/Danger! Double IPA, Irresponsibly Hopped

Danger/Danger Double IPA, Irresponsibly Hopped! 

The Double Danger, in all it's glory 
Double Danger is back! Yay!
No growler sales of Double Danger! Boo!
Sorry! We put a veritable sh*$-ton of hops in this tantalizingly refreshing and hoppy tasting Double IPA. It's named for a reason. Like the danger-yellow sign that pictures a guy falling off a cliff? You know the one. Yah, we need a sign like that with a beer mug in the guy's hand as he falls off a cliff. This beer is not to be trifled with. With that said if you drink it in moderation, it is AMAZING!

It's served in a snifter to bring out the stupendously aromatic pine, tropical fruits and citrus notes that come from the crazy amount hops we irresponsibly throw in there. But you know what? We think it's worth it to be irresponsible. Sometimes. Especially with hops. Like the old wise-folks would say: everything in moderation, including moderation, and hops.

BBQ and Beer at the Sport.
Thanks to all that came out for the 1st annual Tap into MT - Livingston brewfest and craft beer week. It was a smashing success! We had great community participation, local businesses really got behind the events all week long, and the brewfest went  off as it capped the week's festivities and this is just the beginning!

P-burg Brewing at the Brewfest

We heard from many people that they think this is Livingston's first brewfest ever! It will be even AWESOMER next year when it's the 2nd annual Tap into MT and Brewfest. Thank you Livingston, we love you a ton! Thanks to the Office for sponsoring and staffing the brewfest, and Vision Livingston for partnering and making this whole event possible.

On this week's police blotter:
Just kidding, we never want to be in the police blotter.

This week at Katabatic:
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - Park Co. Conservation Voters. $1 off every pint goes to them!
Wednesday: Live Music - Jameson and Sordid Seeds. Jameson and the Sordid Seeds is a bumpin’ original reggae rock and blues rock band based out of Northwest Montana. 
Thursday: GR-Raffle - Raffle + Growler Fill + GR-Raffle
Saturday: Live Music - Paul Lee
Sunday: Game Day - We moved the games, ask your server for them. Parents please play these games with kids and family, not use the games as a babysitter for your kids.

Did we mention we saw a camel in the Paradise Valley? Got info? Give it to us dangit!

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