Monday, July 6, 2015

Freedom! and Lawn Mower test

K-Crew with our '57 T-bird parade car.
If there is one thing this town knows how to do, it is celebrate freedom. Thanks England, for our Independence, and for your beer influence. I'm sure there is a litany of other things we can thank you for, but right now that's what we're focusing on. Cheers Mate!

Dude! If you didn't set up the day before, you ain't got a good spot.
Another cool thing about freedom is being able to do what you want (as long as it doesn't hurt others, break moral codes, blah blah blah) and so with our rotators we do just that. We exercise our freedom to do what we want. We listen to you of course too. But in the end, we do what we want, and we feel good about that because we think that is also what you want. We've been figuring out your tastebuds for almost 10 months now, and produced a ton of rotators. All, for the reason of figuring out what you like, but taking artistic freedom on how to do that.

So get ready folks for the next rotator in our Bad Ass BiG - BOLd - BITTeR line up: the quintessential light, crisp, easy-drinking English Summer Ale.

With that, I challenge you to the lawn mower test:

1) Bring home a growler of Katabatic English Summer Ale.
2) Put a canned version of lawn mower beer in your cooler or fridge too.
3) Mow your yard.
4) Tell your significant other to pour one of each and not tell you.
5) Let your tastebuds do the walking. Which one is better after mowing the yard?
I challenge you to the lawn mower taste test. Give it a shot. What's there to loose?

This Week!
All these kids want beer tokens too, but we just gave them to their parents.
Monday - Growler Monday - $1 off growlers and a free pint while you wait.
Tuesday - Beer For A Cause - Rotary Club. $1 off every pint goes to the Rotarians.
Wednesday - Live Music -Yogesh and Mason. Frontmen from Holler n' Pine. These boys can play good old time fun music.
Thursday - Raffle - Fill out your name and phone on the back of your 2nd and 3rd beer tickets, and turn them into the beer slinger to win tickets to the Red Ants Pants Festival with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Ryan Bingham, and all the coolest country and good-timey music this side of the Pecos!
Friday - Nuthin - Just come in and relax. You've had a hard week. Be yourself, come chill with us.
Saturday - Live Music - Kalyn Beasley. Straight outta Wyoming, this young gentlemen can sing some pretty little ditties. See for yourself.
Sunday - Get off yer arse - if you want a dollar off a beer that is. Ride your bike down to the brewery, brag about it to the beer slinger and you get $1 off your first pint. Way to go smartypants, you just saved yourself a buck.

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