Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Are the Irish really lucky?

New tanks arrived last week
I've always wondered where the saying "luck of the irish" came from. Well, at Katabatic we are now serving our latest Bold rotator offering:
Butte E. Call - Irish Red Ale

Been to Butte? Know anyone from Butte? Ok, nuff said. For those of you that answered NO on the previous multiple choice questions, for the record, there are a lot of Irish folk in Butte. Now the question you might wax over while sipping your new found favorite malty beer Butte E. Call,  is:
Are the Irish lucky? Or are they just good....

They are the big ones in the back!
Happenings this week:

Tuesday: "Beer for a cause" Sister Cities program. Did you know we have a sister city in Japan?
Wednesday: Live Local Music : Someday Miss Pray - Talented Livingston locals
Thursday: Gr-Raffle - Raffle for a Giraffe? Nope! Put your name and number on your last 2 drink tickets, turn them in for the raffle and you could win a growler and a fill. Get it? Growler + Raffle?
Saturday: Live Local Music : Scott Evje - One of the local favorite talents
Sunday: Bike your Damn ass to the brewery day! - Show us you brought your bike and you get a dollar off your first pint.
Ride your bike down to the brewery and you will soon get to park your bike on these Bad Larrys.

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