Monday, May 5, 2014

Things are on a roll now...

As mentioned in the previous post, we really are in the reconstruction phase. The back 1/3 of the building is gone but is being reconstructed. Our trench drain has been put in, the frost cover and concrete forms have been placed and now we're just waiting on better weather to pour the concrete floor. After that wall frames and sheet rock, oh yeah!

Trench Drain Installed

On the inside of the building new beams and floor joists have been placed and we almost have a permanent sub-floor where our bathrooms and cooler will be. One cool historic feature is the fire door they found in the wall. Very interesting, unfortunately we'll have to cover it back up since the bathrooms shared wall will be almost directly on top of this door.

Sub Floor and Joists

Fire Door

Inside Fire Door, Old Tin

To celebrate things moving forward we had Delta Signs and Graphics design us a Coming Soon... banner that we hung in the front window. Things are coming along. Happy Spring!

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