Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"June-ary" Ends!

Or has it? Thankfully it cooled back down a bit to slightly represent winter. Although we're not too sure winter hasn't gone back east for awhile and will come back after a long layover somewhere else.

Happenings this week:

Monday: Bluegrass Jam (Bring your own milk jug or mando) and Growler Night. Get a growler filled and get a free pint with your fill. Plus $1 each growler fill.
Tuesday: "Beer for a Cause" $1 from each pint will go towards Aids Outreach. Come have a beer and help support Aids Outreach!
You sunk my battleship!

Wednesday: Live Music - Backwoods Dreamers! They are awesome. Come check 'em out, and kick up your dancing heels.
Friday: Fresh Food Fridays- Bierocks (aka Bison rocks or Bison Buns) and Spudrocks for dinner. Tasty buns filled with bison, vegetables and deliciousness. 1 for $4 or 2 for $7.50. Beer and dinner, what could go better together? White and rice?

Saturday: Live Music - Dirk Alan the "One man band".
Sunday: Family Night. Put the kids out in the yard and bring the dogs down for some board games and fun. We have games like Battleship, Cribbage, Sorry and Chutes and Ladders. Just 'cuz your an adult doesn't mean you can play games. Come on ya' silly!
Cottonwood School at the foot of the Crazy Mountains.

You can find our beers at:
MT Rib and Chop House - Livingston
The Mint Bar - Livingston

Country Roads:
I drove past a one-room schoolhouse this weekend. Can you imagine riding your horse to school a couple miles every morning to a one-room schoolhouse in the winter with Katabatic winds? Talk about rugged, yet refined. Got to love this place!

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