Wednesday, May 4, 2016

After a long awaited absence on the blog....we're back!

We have been so freaking busy making beer, that our little blog to keep you beer lovers informed has gone the way of the fallow fields for a bit. Alas, don't fret, we now have more help, we will make more beer, and we will keep you in the loop and informed.

Rotators on tap currently today May 5, at 3pm:

Galaxy in the Rye - Rye IPA - delicious fruity, citrusy, and piney, with a touch of spice from the Rye malt. 
Konichiwheat - Filtered American Wheat beer. Light, dry, crisp with a lemony finish. On sale till it's gone, $3/pint, $10/growler
German Cologne - German Kolsch Ale - An ale that drinks like a lager. Light very dry, sweet and malty, with a clean and crisp finish.
Alt-ernative Polka - German Amber - A german ale that inspired Fat Tire and the rest of the American Amber beers. Dryer, more crisp, and hoppier than the traditional American version.
I'm not Irish Stout - Irish Dry Stout. Like Guinness only better because it didn't come over here in a hot shipping container, it was made locally and therefore more fresh and tasty!

Happenings this week:
Monday: Growler Monday - Get $1 off a growler fill, and a free pint while you wait. Bluegrass Jam starts promptly every week at 6 pm.
Tuesday: Beer for a Cause - $1 from every pint between 4-8 goes to them. Drink some beer and support a good cause!
Wednesday: Live Music - none this week
Thursday: Gr-raffle - Enter your name to win a growler. Get it? Growler-raffle? MBA Spring Rendezvous Brewfest in Bozeman. Check out Montana Brewer's association website for the 911
Saturday: Live Music - Amber Ikeman

Sunday: Bike to the Brewery – Use human pedal power to get to the brewery, tell a server and they will give you $1 off your first beer.

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