Monday, October 28, 2013

A ton of bricks!

We were just visiting our brewery space over the weekend to take measurements and see what was uncovered during the deconstruction. We found brick! That is mainly awesome because we are going to try to revive it back to it's former glory. Secondarily it's awesome because we found that our contractor got creative and carved the State of Montana into the plaster.

We also found out that over half of the space has 12 foot tall ceilings. That will be good for the fermentors. The taproom will look super cool with high ceilings too.
You're looking at the cool brick wall that will be renovated and will be behind the sample counter where the server will take orders. We will take it all down to brick, as well as take out those ceiling rafter looking boards and have a great open/airy feeling.

Right now Encompass V2 architectural firm is designing the interior and getting our build out plan together. Steve Turner at along with Encompass V2 are coordinating to design the brewery layout, so we can have a very efficient system. We are really excited things are coming along.

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