Friday, December 27, 2013

What have we done? Caution - Construction Zone!

The picture up top is the inside of Katabatic Brewing Company's Park St. location. This is what it looked like a couple months ago when we first looked at the place. It used to house a couple different Chinese restaurants and even longer ago the Long Branch Saloon.

The photo on the lower right was just a couple of weeks ago when our architect came to discuss some options with us, the owners and the contractors. The brick wall you see on the left was covered in plaster and will be renovated back to glorious brick. In the front where the black plastic sheet is hanging, we are going to have a nice looking metal framed garaged door with windows to let in lots of light. To the right of it, you will be able to enter through a man door,  (that entryway box thingy will be taken out). We'll also be removing that bad decor carpet and replacing it with reclaimed hard wood floors.

Oh, and did you notice we took out the drop ceilings and opened it up to 12 foot ceilings.

More construction photos later...

We absolutely love working with our landlords, they are great! We have negotiated a lease and will get the keys at the beginning of February. In the meantime the landlords will be doing deconstruction and construction on their parts of the remodel, then we will start our part of the renovations some time in February after we get the keys.

We'll keep you posted on construction and our opening timeline. We are still hoping to open in late spring!

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