Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Goldenstein "Lifer" Membership and Brewmaster Mug Club

Goldenstein "Lifer" Memberships are like a lifetime season pass to the brewery, with 3 free pints a month, plus a bunch of other good stuff. 

$900                                            $250    

Goldenstein Lifer Membership              Brewmaster Mug Club

Brewmaster mug club memberships provide you with $1 off every pint for LIFE!

What are you waiting for? The Goldenstein goes up to $1000 in Feburary. The Mug Club goes up $50 bucks to $300.  Look at it as a membership to a BEER gym. You want to work out your malty biceps don't you? Do some hop laps? You're going to be down there drinking beer anyway. Why not have a membership to the beer gym?

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