Monday, February 3, 2014

Wanted: Head Brewer

Katabatic Brewing Company is searching for a Rock Star Brewer! 

We are looking for someone who is half Rock Star, half mad scientist. Like half Lemmy from Motorhead and half Gene Wilder from Young Frankenstein? Ok, that sounds nice, and with a beard. However, if you're a female brewer you won't be expected to grow one, though we can look into beard rentals.

We are a small production brewery start-up in Livingston, MT; the "Gateway to Yellowstone Park!" We are planning on opening in May or June of 2014 with a 7bbl system looking to distribute kegs to area bars and restaurants with our own retail "sample room." We are looking to produce 625 barrels our first year.

Katabatic winds are rugged winds and we seek characters who are rugged in mindset too. We like to work hard and play harder! We will have a steady rotation of all styles of beer with dedicated rotating tap handles to always have something fresh and new on tap. We will also have our flagships that we will be self-distributing, as well as starting to develop a barrel-aged and cask-conditioned ale program. Creativity and self-motivation is a must!

Please email us for any further info and send your resume to: or call (406)370-5923 and ask for Brice.

Scope and General Purpose of Job:
In addition to being a shift brewer the Head brewer is responsible for overseeing the production of the highest quality beer, operation and upkeep of brewing equipment and maintaining quality control throughout all aspects of brewing process. The Head brewer position is responsible for maintaining shift schedules and recipe changes. The Head brewer is in charge of all assistant brewers and cellarmen. 

Job Requirements
Minimum of 3 years experience in production brewery
• Degree in Fermentation Science, Diploma Course or related course work is a big plus
• Management experience a plus
• Flexible work schedule to accommodate production as needed, i.e. be able to work beyond normal hours when necessary

Duties and Responsibilities as Head Brewer:
Overseeing brewery staff if more than one brewer
• Oversee budgets and expenses for department
• Maintaining and enforcing the use of standard operating procedures (SOP's)
• Overseeing the inventory of raw materials
• Overseeing the brewhouse and keeping it clean and ready for tours
• Able to make decisions in a timely manner regarding brewhouse production
• Responsible for management of production staff
• Maintain a QA / QC program
• Be able to use Excel and Word  and similar programs for brewery schedules
• Begin developing a barrel program
• Must enjoy beer and the culture of beer
• Must be willing to always be looking for ways to make the beer better.
• Milling, mashing, lautering, wort boiling, cooling and transferring to fermenters
• Yeast monitoring, pitching and evaluation
• Process development and enhancement
• Ensure supply of raw materials
• Raw material evaluation
• Monitor fermentations
• Equipment upkeep and maintenance
• Maintain cleanliness of all brewhouse areas
• Completion of paperwork in an accurate and timely manner
• Adhere to safe practices
• To communicate regularly and efficiently with fellow employees and management

Pay based on experience, profit-sharing is available.

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