Thursday, July 17, 2014

We Are So Close To Opening Soon!!!

As things go... we wanted to open in May, then June, and then we just skipped over to August! We hear that being 3 months behind is not that bad, so we'll take that as a compliment. Currently, we are shooting for an opening to the public on August 20th. Things look like they are on track to hit that mark we will keep you posted!

We've been a bit busy so we have a lot to update you on. Our brewer, Jason, has arrived. The day after he got here we grabbed him to go move equipment. We moved the equipment into our space the busiest week of the year in Livingston, the 4th of July week. On July 2nd this little town gets crazy. A full blown parade kicks it off with most businesses closing just for the occasion. We have three nights of rodeo and three nights of fireworks and people are having a great time floating, drinking, rodeoing, you can imagine :)

So here we are moving in equipment on parade day and of course being in the parade. We handed out Wooden Nickels that offered $1 off your first beer. It went really well, we had fun and it was hot.

Jason Moving the Mash Tun w Brice
Our Equipment - Thanks Hi-Ball Trucking!

Our Car for the Parade

On this day we also received some amazing news coverage from KBZK. It was definitely a whirlwind of a day.

Timing has been everything lately. Right after we moved our equipment into the space we received notice from the TTB that our Brewers Notice has been approved. Now we are just waiting on the State license. Brice and Jason have been working on some amazing recipes and we will be churning those out here shortly.

Here are a few updated pictures of our space. We've put up our reclaimed beams, framed everything, epoxy done on our production area floor, ran most of the HVAC, electrical and plumbing and started taking off the front facade. I can finally see what it's going to look like and it's pretty amazing!

Our beautiful production floor with epoxy
The layout for the bar below and beams above

Looking from the front to the back

The front facade coming off

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